Hi! I'm Camel Aissani = {

title: 'Fan of computer technologies',
java: true,
javascript: true,
python: true

I am a french developer working mainly in famous companies.
I program in several languages: Java, Javascript, Python...

I like playing with nodejs, meteorjs, expressjs, jquery and others web libs and frameworks.
During my free time, after my job and my family responsabilities, I try to initiate or to participate to open source projects.

Open source engagement

frontexpress - Minimalist front end router framework à la express - Side project

Managing frontend routes like in expressjs framework.

Check out the demo project.

Brio - Meteorjs application - Hackathon

Displaying cards for easily learning vocabulary, languages and more. Coded during the Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon.

Loca - Real Estate management - Side project

This nodejs project is a tentative of web application that offers a toolkit for owners of buildings, flats, offices, meeting rooms, car parks, letter boxes...

Check out the live demo.

Gaia - Firefox OS - modest contributor

Gaia is the user interface application for Firefox OS devices; it's simply a Web application running atop the Firefox OS software stack.

Autoform - Meteorjs package - modest contributor

AutoForm is a smart package for Meteor that adds UI components and helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation.

Penpusher - Document generator - Side project

I initiate this personal project few years ago. Penpusher allows users to create open office documents from custom form on the web.

Where I worked

Coded a CMS on top of DITA

JS / Java / XML / Eclipse plugins


Made a Trader back office app

ActionScript / Java / OSGI


Developed the UI of Kondor back office

Java / Tomcat / Hibernate


Worked in the labs department

ActionScript / Java / OSGI


Build a defense system for warships

Java / Swing / Spring


Made a reporting editor

Java / Swing / Applet / Servlet / XML


About me